Black Magic Probe V1

Black Magic Probe by Black Sphere Technologies is the best friend of any ARM microcontroller developer.



  • GDB server port without the need of special PC side software.
  • TTL level serial interface
  • SWD and JTAG support
  • Semihosting support
  • Works on Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Works with Eclipse and other Integrated Development Environments
  • Supports STM32, LPC11, LM3S - full support list
  • DroneCode compatible



  • 33mm (1.3 in) x 15mm (0.6 in)
  • 2.4g (0.85oz)


Comes with a 12cm JTAG/SWD cable and a Serial Interface Cable.


If you are looking at ordering a Lisa/SLisa/MX or Lisa/M you will need to order the Black Magic Probe in order to program and operate the hardware.


For more information and documentation refer to the Black Magic Probe Wiki.

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