Lisa/S Starter Kit

Lisa/S is a micro footprint general purpose autopilot starter kit.


Lisa/S was developed in collaboration with TU-Delft in the Netherlands. It is the smallest fully capable autopilot available on the market.


This Kit contains:


Things you might want to add to get started:

  • Black Magic Probe JTAG/SWD programmer ( The Lisa/S does not come pre-programmed, you need a SWD programmer to be able to operate the hardware)
  • U.FL GPS antenna (for example EWGA310 from Embeddded Works)
  • The Lisa/S Motor Adapter Kit is available to be included with your board or to have pre-soldered to your board. Pre-soldering entails that the motor adapter kit as well as the auxiliary 10 pin connector will be soldered to your board by us.


We recommend using the following transmitters:

We are working on adding more remote controls to the list.


Technical Paper:  Lisa/S 2.8g autopilot for GPS-based autonomous flight


(WARNING: The Lisa/S board is designed to be powered only by a 1S LiPo. This means the board can only accept up to +5.5V, any higher voltage may lead to the destruction of the power supply circuitry.)

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