BitMagic Basic Logic Analyzer

This is a Sigrok compatible FX2 based logic analyzer.

This product is a developer version of the hardware. We reserve the right to make hardware changes that might not be backwards compatible. This means the cables and extension boards from the current version might not be compatible with future versions of the hardware.


  • 8 digital channels
  • 24mhz maximum sampling rate
  • 2 trigger inputs
  • 1 clock output
  • 1 interface clock input (IFCLK)
  • 1 activity LED
  • 1 high quality Samtec FTSH-07-01-F-DV-K connector to the device under test
  • 1 high quality 15cm long flywire pigtail with each signal labeled


Using standard Samtec FTSH 0.05 inch pitch connectors/cables makes it easy to purchase custom cables and connections from the logic analyzer to the hardware you are developing and debugging. You can mount the FTSH or compatible 1.27mm pitch connectors onto your device and expose digital signals through those connectors or adapter boards.

The hardware is loaded with the Sigrok 8channel fx2lafw USB VID/PID, it will be detected out of the box by Sigrok and can immediately be used to decode the most complex signals using the amazing stackable decoder system unique to the Open-Source Sigrok framework. You can easily write your own decoders using the simple Sigrok Python API.

You can find the schematic of the BitMagic Basic Logic Analyzer on GitHub.

€39.95 EUR - + €7.59 EUR VAT/MwSt.