R0 Radio Kit (Discontinued)

The R0 Radio Kit consists of two R0 sub GHz telemetry radios and two UU0 USB to Serial adapters.

R0 is based on the Si1000 chipset, and the SiK telemetry radio firmware. This makes it compatible to many other UAV telemetry radio modules like the RFD900 or the 3DR telemetry radio. The difference is that R0 is exposing a UF.l connector making it very slim and allowing installation inside tight spaces. Also the module provides the ubiquitous FTDI pin header and a Molex Picoblade null modem connector.


R0 Features:

  • UF.l minature antenna connector
  • FTDI cable compatible 100mil pin-header
  • Molex Picoblade null modem connector
  • Small footprint: 16mm x 40mm
  • M3 mounting hole


UU0 is based on the FTDI chipset and offers direct connection to the laptop over a USB A connector. This makes it together with the R0 a very compact and easy to use USB dongle for telemetry. UU0 also provides the Molex Picoblade null modem connector. This makes it possible to extend the connection between UU0 and the R0 radios using a provided cable. 


UU0 Features:

  • FTDI USB to Serial FIFO
  • TX & RX LEDs
  • USB-A connector
  • 100mil FTDI cable compatible pin-header
  • Molex Picoblade null modem connector


This kit includes the following items:

  • 2x R0 radio modules
  • 2x R0 radio whip antennas
  • 2x UU0 USB to serial adapters
  • 2x Molex Picoblade null modem cables
  • 1x Molex Picoblade pigtail cable
  • 1x Molex Picoblade Modem to Lisa/M(X) telemetry cable

Soldering options:

By default the connectors on the back of the R0 and UU0 modules are not soldered, but included in the kit for you to solder on if needed. This allows for the smallest possible footprint in your aircraft. If you want the connectors on the back of the board pre-soldered by us for you, you can select the Pre-Soldered option when adding this product to your cart. 

We recommend ordering the Elle0 autopilot with the G0 GPS module together with the R0 telemetry radio kit when using it for autonomous aircraft.


€120.00 EUR - + €22.80 EUR VAT/MwSt.