PMOD Gamepad and Audio Kit

This PMOD allows the connection of (S)NES compatible gamepads to your FPGA development board. Additionally it has a stereo audio output compatible with pulse modulated audio outputs from your FPGA.

The Pmod comes with a set of three Pods. Each pod provides the ability to interface with a different type of gamepad connector.

  • Molex SL (can be used also used with regular pin headers, very useful if you have modified your gamepads to connect to a breadboard by cutting off a proprietary connector and soldering on a pin recepticle)
  • NES connector
  • SNES connector

All three pods can be connected to the Gamepad & Audio Pmod in parallel with one ribbon cable. The only limitation is that you can only plug in one gamepad per player. So you can't have a NES controller and SNES controller plugged in at the same time into the Player 1 slot. But you can have a NES controller plugged into the Player 1 slot and SNES controller in the Player 2 slot at the same time.

The Kit comes with the following items:

  • Pre-Soldered and tested Gamepad & Audio Pmod board
  • Molex SL Pod PCB
  • 4 x Molex SL connectors
  • NES Pod PCB
  • 4 x NES receptacles
  • SNES Pod PCB
  • 4 x SNES receptacles
  • 3 x Pod ribbon cable receptacles
  • 1 meter ribbon cable
  • 6 x Gamepad Pod ribbon cable IDC crimp connectors

If you have more questions ask us in the Discord chat iCEBreaker channel.

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