20Pin JTAG Adapter Board Kit

This is an adapter for the standard 10pin 0.05" pitch ARM Cortex JTAG connector to the legacy 20pin 0.1" pitch ARM JTAG connector.

The JTAG adapter board kit is a useful accessory for connecting your Black Magic Probe JTAG/SWD adapter to older ARM evaluation/development boards as well as easily connecting 0.1" headers, like the Raspberry Pi or STM32 Discovery boards. Its also useful when you want to use flying wires connections and break out your Black Magic Probe to your breadboard or a 0.1" pitch custom JTAG connector.


The 20pin JTAG adapter board kit comes in 3 variants:

  • 20Pin Pin Box Header
  • 20Pin Socket
  • 20Pin Right Angle Socket

€19.95 EUR - + €3.79 EUR VAT/MwSt.