JTAG/SWD 0.1" 7Pin Breakout Board Pre-OrderJTAG/SWD 0.1" 7Pin Breakout Board Vorbestellung

This is an adapter for the standard 10pin 0.05" pitch ARM Cortex JTAG connector to a 0.1" (100mil) pitch header connector.

This is a Pre-Order for the 100mil JTAG/SWD breakout adapter kit. For more information visit our Kickstarter.

This item will start shipping in Q2 2017.

The JTAG adapter board kit is a useful accessory for connecting your Black Magic Probe JTAG/SWD adapter to development board featuring a 0.1" pitch header, like the Raspberry Pi or STM32 Discovery boards. Its also useful when you want to use flying wires connections and break out your Black Magic Probe to your breadboard or a 0.1" pitch custom JTAG connector. The pinout of this adapter is compatible to the STM32 discovery board ST-Link connector. It includes one additional pin to provide the TDO signal that is missing from the original ST-Link connector, adding JTAG capability.


The JTAG/SWD 0.1" breakout board kit comes with the 0.05" pitch header and button pre soldered. It also comes with a loose 0.1" 7pin male and female right angle headers that can be soldered onto the breakout board by the user.

    €9.00 EUR - + €1.71 EUR VAT/MwSt.