The OrangeCrab is a feather form factor electronics development board. For the Lattice ECP5 FPGA. The board follows the slim feather board specification from Adafruit. The FPGA is compatible with all open source toolchains and is perfect for experimenting with RISC-V cores. There aren't many FPGA boards available that make use of the ECP5, but here are some distinct features that set this board apart:

    • Small Compact size (Take it anywhere!)
    • Direct USB connection to the FPGA (Operate as a DFU, MSC, CDC, or composite device!)
    • On-board DDR3 Memory (1Gbit!)
    • Pre-loaded DFU bootloader (No external programmer required!)
    • It's Orange!

    Hardware Overview

    • Lattice ECP5-25F FPGA in csfBGA285 package (-8 speed grade) (Part # LFE5U-25F-8MG285C)
      • 24 K - Look Up Tables
      • 1008 Kb - Embedded Block RAM
      • 194 Kb - Distributed RAM
      • 28 - 18x18 Multipliers
      • PLLs: 2
      • Internal oscillator
      • Flexible I/O for DDR3 Memory Support
    • DDR3L Memory
      • 128 Mbytes (1Gbit)
      • 64M x16
      • 1.35V low voltage operation
    • Micro USB connection
      • Full-speed (12Mbit) USB with a direct connection to the FPGA
    • Non-volatile Storage
      • 128Mbit QSPI FLASH Memory
        • Bootloader (First 4Mbits)
        • User Bitstream
        • User storage (Firmware/MSC backend/etc)
        • QSPI compatible
      • MicroSD socket
        • 4bit SD interface (CK, CMD, DAT0-3)
    • Power supply
      • High efficiency DCDC for main supplies
      • Battery charger (100mA), with a charge indicator LED
      • LiPo battery connector (PH type)
    • 48MHz onboard oscillator
    • Standard 0.05" JTAG connector
    • User I/O
      • 1x Button
      • 1x RGB LED
      • 20x I/O on 0.1" headers
    • Analog System
      • Analog Mux
      • SAR ADC, external RC / input comparator of FPGA
      • Digital bypass
      • Internal channels for supply monitor
      • Battery voltage sensing
    • Feather Format Board
      • Dimensions: 22.86mm x 50.8mm (0.9" x 2.0").

    Compact Size

    Unlike traditional FPGA development boards, this board is small enough to carry in your pocket and function as a prototyping ground for custom SoC designs. 

    If you are not familiar with the feather format, you might be surprised by the size of this board. The Feather format has dimensions of: 22.86 x 50.8mm (0.9" x 2.0")

    For reference this is the board pictured next to some standard ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 cards.

    Example Projects


    If you have questions or want to chat with the community, you can find them on our Discord server and the OrangeCrab forum category.

    €129.95 EUR - + €24.69 EUR VAT/MwSt.