Improved Thermocouple Interface for T962a Reflow Ovens

This is the Improved Thermocouple Interface board that Unified Engineering published on their T962 reflow oven improvements github wiki. This significantly upgrades the temperature measurement accuracy of the oven. It allows the oven to track it's temperature more accurately and thus decrease under-/overshoot of the reflow curve. This board also includes two additional thermocouple interfaces, which provides a way to attach thermocouples to our PCB for reflow curve calibration.

We are providing this board pre-assembled in very small batches for those that want to upgrade their T962a oven. You can order the PCB and parts and build the interface board yourself. All information can be found in the Unified Engineering T962 upgrade GitHub Wiki.

This board comes as displayed. You can order the additional K-Type thermocouples from many online stores. Instructions on how to modify your T962a oven can be found in the Unified Engineering Wiki and in the 1BitSquared Forum.

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